Modem networking..........


I own a PowerBook G3 and a Power Mac 5400/180.

Specs 4 5400:

OS: 8.1


OS: 9.2.1/10.0.4

My problem is that i've looked @ every corner of the internet to find out how to connect both computers with a modem cable to speak to each other and i can't do it?

Would anyone have the slightest idea how? I've tried IrA (Infa Red ports) but that 2 is a problem when trying 2 setup.......I'm pretty sure that it's the version of the systems that are conflicting with each other but i can't be sure.

If anyone has any sugestions on how 2 do it the i would be greatful if you could get back 2 me.

(No...the power mac doesn't have a PCI network card, and i don't wish 2 spend any more money on that paper weight.)
to connect two computers, you need a null modem cable. if you got a standard DB9 null modem serial cable, and put an adapter on each end to change it to an apple serial cable, then it might work.

getting the OS to use this connection might be hard. but if you look in the modem control panel, you will see null modem as a choice. then on the other computer, you can set remote access to answer PPP calls. i don t know how well this works, i have never done anything like it, but it s worth a try