Modem/PPP problem


I have been running OSX10.1 on my g3 266 Mhz powerbook for about a month now with out problems. I set the communications up for the built in ethernet using dhcp. I used that way up unitl about 3 days ago. I got a free dial ppp account from my employer and setup to use it. I set up the mac for ppp and put in the right DNS and the right phone number. I was getting in but my login kept failing and I planned to get with the administrator on Monday (today). Friday evening I installed postgresql. All went well until I tried to make the postgresql user. The mac started to dail the modem. It would completly hand unitl it could find a connection. I tried to disconnect but it kept cycling and dialing. I finaly got control for a minute and went back to built in ethernet. It still continued to dial. The pull down menu said it was disconnected. Evrytime a clicked a option on the GUI it kept dialing. I finally pulled the battery out. Any suggestions.