Modem problems


I've got a 500 Mhz White IBook and have got modem problems. Maybe it's just broken (i think i've tried everything) or maybe it's some kind of known issue.

The problems are rather simple to explain : Connecting in both OS 9 or OS X (doesn't mather, same problems !!) goes well. After a random period of time the connection is interrupted : An open transport error has occured. Reconnneting goes, again, well.

It's happens in every app, even when there are no apps active (but that's just a time-out i guess). At random intervals. Receiving mail goes well, but sending not. It doesn't send it at all or the interrupt occurs when sending. Played with all the settings, switched providers, switched lines, switched locations, and so on ans so on.

My ethernet works flawless.

Any advice ?
Make sure you've turned off call-waiting on that line. An incoming call might be interrupting your connection.

Use the modem tool in Apple Extras and make sure the country is set right.

I know you can get a service that bleeps every five minutes to let you know your call time. If you hear a beep on a normal phone call, thats the culprit.