I`m looking for modem drivers for x. Or ports if you like.
I`m using a ZyXEL USB ISDN-modem, and wonder if there is a way to get this working in X ? I tried to use it in the Classic environment, but did not get access to any ports from there...

Any tips & tricks?

I also have a ZyXEL modem: ZyXEL USB and I haven't been able to connect to the internet with MacOS X yet. I have searched for hours for solutions but didn't find any.

Anyone else have an idea ? Thanks for sharing it! It will be greatly appreciated.
I am here again. This time I have Mac OS X and I still cannot connect to the internet with my ZyXEL modem. Does anyone know a solution or when the driver will be available ? Very annoying...

Hi !

This I got from Zyxel, Sweden !


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> När kommer det support för USB till Mac OS X ??
> MVH / J

Hej !
Nej det kommer inte komma någon support för mac os X ..

Mvh xxxxx
ZyXEL Support, Sverige


This is saying :

Hi, when do You intend to support my Zyxel USB
ISDN modem for Mac OSX ?


We will not !

If it's true, I'll never buy ZyXEL products again!
But I still hope that the next update of Mac OS X will allow me to use my ZyXEL USB...

If this isn't a joke, thank you.
I'm glad I've got ADSL now, and drivers for ADSL is built into OS X!
Get ADSL you too!

(well, I think someone will develop a driver for Zyxel modems, I just think you have to wait a little).

If you are looking for OS X updates, chech out
Where I live, in a small village, there is still no possibility to get ADSL... I would have it already if only I could.

But thanks for your advice anyway!
Hi !

I really should not reply to the "joke" comment but, please
feel free to contact Your Zyxel support ! I would be more
than glad if there is to be an update !

The only modem I have wich work with X is 28.8. Sighh ..

I have applied for a ADSL connection but Telia seems to have a problem to keep up with the demand. I have waited almost 3 months now !

Is there any USB ISDN modem that supports OSX yet ?

But I agree to Your spntaneous comment !

Why bye a Zyxel modem ? I'm dissapointed. Credit for the clear answer but why neglect such an opportunity ?

/ JoG
Actually, I don't think you need drivers, just a modem script. The drivers are already built in. ISDN and modem is the same thing, and they both connect via PPP, the difference is just the modem scripts. I don't think a modem script will be so hard to make.

Hmm, hvorfor snakker vi egentlig engelsk her? Er ikke alle skandinaviske?
Joo, det Šr ju sant men det kanske finns "utlŠnningar" som Šr
intresserade av debatten ?

Are You shure that You only need a s script ?

Which setting would You use ?

Ethernet (no) modem (yes?) ?

You must be able to choose USB for the modem connection
and You cant !

It will not be enough with a modem script i think.

Look at the PrintCenter, there You find an USB option.

/ JG
I went through the list that appears in OS X where you can choose the modem you are using: I found two clearly listed ISDN modems:

Zoom ISDN modem
3Com Impact IDSN modem

The option of using the USB port doesn't appear when I'm in OS X. It seems to me that my ZyXEL modem isn't recognized. I tried many times to use the script that works in OS 9.1 or modify it but this didn't work.

And by the way, I don't speak Swedish or Norwegian, so please continue using English. Thank you guys.

Maybe the 10.0.1 update of OS X will have support for USB too? Send an email to Apple and ask!
jRivers !

I think You mix up the difference between the physical connection and the modem script. USB / Printer Port / Modem port is the "elecrical" / low level spec. on how modem communicate with the computer. The modem script defines wich signals and in wich sequence the computer controls the modem.

What You have seen is some modem scripts indicating that it works for an USB modem wich may be different from a "normal" way off connection. Why it would differ is really strange actually.

So, I think we have to wait and see ! I'm not shure of this but I think it is unlikely that it is possible for Apple to design a generic USB modem driver like for a mouse or a hard disc.

I have almost given up on this !

/ JoG