Could you perhaps tell me why the thread on mysql problems was moved to the linux community? It does seem to me as if the moderators on this board are overly fond of moving threads to nooks and crannies. Let me explain why I find this particular move crap.
1.This board may have an area known as the Linux community where there is a subsection on Apache,PHP and MySQL. Since Apache and PHP are installed by default on every MacOSX machine it really makes me wonder which genius decided that the above "belong to Linux" especially since they also run quite well on windows for that matter.
2.The fact that this board distinuishes between MacOSX Unix and MacOSX (and this is really rich) "Unix style Networking" is beyond me. Networking is an integral part of Unix and almost all the network GUI utilities on MacOSX have a Unix process running in the background.
3.The MacOSX instalation of Apache, PHP and MySQL have MacOSX specific problems due to the peculiarities of OSX's file structure and the Netinfo database. These are NOT encountered on Linux.

I would appreciate a little thought the next time you decide to move something.
There is a whole section devoted to Apache, PHP, MySQL and Sendmail, so its probably just a tidying issue.
This one is long...

I've moved the threads that include PHP, Apache, and sendmail related issues to that particular board because of tidying... It really doesn't matter what the header name of the board is, just that the posts are better served in that "nook and cranny" that's why that particular "nook and cranny" was created.

I do want to note that it was not my intention to cause confusion, we just don't need programming related questions running around on the troubleshooting board, and to go deeper, I feel that it doesn't belong in the programming forum. It should go into the section designated for such things... i.e. the "Apache, PHP, mySQL" board.

Should you have a problem with the name header of the board, please take that up with Admin, as I am not the one who creates the sections.

If you've got a problem with the way something is done with a board I moderate do it the right way. i.e. e-mail me, or PM me. Or drop a PM to Alex, or to Admin... If you feel that a post was moved in error, click the "report this post to moderator" link. That's one reason why it's there. This is dirty laundry that shouldn't be aired in public my friend... (hypocritical I know... I don't like a bully, especially one that targets the people who volunteer their time, and money in some cases... to this board.)

Admin, Alex, or anyone with the authority to address this issue, please let me know if I'm wrong in these decisions, Privately please. Which is where this whole discussion should have been held.