MOL for Mac OS X?


mach-o mach-o man
For those of you who are not farmilliar with MOL, MOL stands for Mac On Linux.

Its a popular compatability layer much like wine. It allows Mac OS 9, and Mac OS 9 programs to run inside a window in Yellow Dog Linux, or other linux-kernel derived PPC operating system on apple supported hardware.

Not to dis classic, but I think it would be cool to see the OS 9 finder running in Mac OS X.

Here's what wouldn't be cool - the graphics. Under Linux, X servers are usually accelerated. People report that they can run their Macintosh apps at 90% native speed.

Under Mac OS X, to my knowledge, current X servers are not accelorated (either that or my last two computers really sucked...). So it would probably look crappy.

But, if someone was really smart and had a few weeks on their hands... it would make a very useable cocoa app.... Apple Design Award for sure.

Any thoughts or comments?

MOL with yellow dog linux:
MOL's web site: