Monitor Power...


I was looking at the changes in OS 9.1 and noticed that the energy saver control panel now has an option to toggle the monitor/tower power button's function between sleep and the standard dialog box. I will be posting on the feedback forum about this but I would appreciate others making this suggestion as well.

I would like an option under Energy Saver in OS X to set the power key to put only the monitor to sleep. I run servers on my computer and can not put it to sleep b/c of this.

Right now I'm using the basic black screen saver and launching the screensaver engine. If any of you are in a similar situation and would like this option please post on the feedback forum as well :),
There is an option to put the monitor to sleep after a given time in OS X's energy saver options. It's not quite as good as being able to just hit the power button, of course, as that is instant, but still...