Monitor Resolutions

Tom Voorheis

I recently updated to 10.1 on my G3 B&W 400, and it was working fine, until one of my family member switched the monitor resolution to one that my monitor does not support and affirmed it. so then here's my problem when it boots up the first boot up screen (smiley mac) is fine, but once the osx comes up it changes back to that same resolution, and all I see is a picture so distorted all I can see are the colors that should be on screen, so my first question is, how can I fix this?, and then how can I prevent normal (non-admin) users from changing the resolution of the monitor? anything would be helpful!

Try shutting down your computer, and, while holding down command, option, and p, r, turn on the computer. Let it reboot twice, and then let go. You'll loose a few settings (like date and time, map (os 9), resolution, and a few others like keyboard). This should work, and then you can change it to a good resolution.
Suprisingly zapping the PRAM did not help, I ended up deleting the monitor preferences (or the equivlaent thereof)
of X in order for it to function correctly. but i am still wondering does anyone know how you could pock normal users from changing resolutions?
Sure there is. (This is the GUI method, there is a UNIX method too involving chmod and chown and other stuff.) Just move the System Prefs app into your Home folder and then one one else can access it.