monitors CP crashes with 10.1, Radeon - Classic workaround


I recently installed 10.1 on my Beige G3, and I wanted to make my PCI ATI Radeon the startup monitor on the machine and set the resolution & col. depth.

Guess what??? The Monitors option under System Preferences CRASHES when I try to open it. Everytime.

So what do I do?

Launch Classic, and start a Classic applications (so that I have access to the Apple Menu). From here I can select "Monitors & Sound". Then from inside Classic I can set the resolution and make the Radeon my default startup screen. After a reboot the Monitors System Preferences works under 10.1 (at least sometimes).

Has anyone else encountered this problem? Is there any other workaround? Can a text file be edited under Unix?

This problem is really strange. At least I found a workaround and the Radeon now works quite nicely.


Beige G3, 400Mhz, 40GB HD, ATI Radeon, Firewire/USB card, 10/100 Ethernet card