More Brokem Folder Problems


Ok, Im having the same broken folder problem on booting from CD and trying to Install under OS 9(click and reboot method). I have an Original(paid) Cd and a copied non-mounted before burned Toast Vers(Green). Both Cd's look exactly the same upon inspection. Im thinking it maybe a Hardware conflict. Im going to list my configuration here, maybe someone else is having similar problems. Thanks

400 MHZ Yikes(PCI)
OS 9.0.4
192 MB Ram
HP 8110 CDRW 4/4/24 with Apple's driver
Voodoo 3 2000
ixMicro TV Capture Card
Adaptec 2930 SCSI Card - Nothing connected
Quantum OEM 10 GB drives - Apple Driver
2 Maxtor 40 GB drives - Apple Drivers
hey guys.

i get the broken folder thing, too.

i downloaded a compresssed disk image off of the web of the OS X disk, but don't have a cd burner.

i am trying to make a bootable installation "disk" on an external firewire drive that i have.

i have copied all of the files and folders onto an empty partition on the drive, and then added the Finder and "System" file from my OS 9 system folder.

i then select the drive with all of the installation files as my startup drive, and reboot.

i get to the first screen of th installation, with the little picture of the mac, and ths pinning circle in the upper left hand corner. then, after a minute, the little mac is replaced by a broken folder.

now, i believe that an exact copy of a bootable cd should result in a bootable partition, right?

so what am i doing wrong here--why isn't the partition i make an exact copy of the bootable cd?