More Window Options... Window backgrounds?


Hey umm... I don\'t know if anyone\'s noticed this, but you can actually set a background to your finder windows--and on an individual window basis. If anyone out there remembers Window Monkey, the effect is similar.

In the view menu, select \"Show View Opeions\" or hit command-j, and a window pallette will pop up with a variety of window options, even bigger icons in finder windows :) Now if someone would just tell me how to get that stupid FInder Window Nav Bar to slide up without pressing command-b...

- agnt_M.
Slide up the toolbar without pressing cmd-b? Hah! Hahahaha! It\'s all part of Apple\'s plan to annoy the heck out of us just enough to make us dislike using the computer but love it enough not to switch to a lesser system (read: Wintel machine). It\'s a lot like changing the hot keys on us. What\'s up with cmd-n now making a new window in list view? Why on earth did they change it?
Dude, I don\'t know about you, but the key command for New Folder doesn\'t even frikkin work on my mac. I have to do it all by menus, lol. Is there any way to TYPE commands, like through Term or a 3rd party hack?

I saw one for mac 9 called Mind Control, but what about X?

>>>Its a lot like changing the hot keys on us. Whats up with cmd-n now making a new window in list view? Why on earth did they change it?<<<

After I&#039;d used OS X for a while, it became very obvious why they assigned cmd-N to &#039;New Finder Window&#039; and shift-cmd-N to &#039;New Folder.&#039;

In the OS 9 world, there is no such thing as a &#039;new finder window&#039;. If you want to open a folder, you double-click it. Once it is open, double-clicking on the same folder simply takes you back to the already open window. In this environment, cmd-N to create a new folder made perfect sense.

In OS X, however, the &#039;new finder window&#039; is a very basic command. I use it quite often to set up a copy or move from one spot to another. I probably do this several times an hour, if not more. Go to the Desktop, and hit cmd-N to get a new window, navigate where I want to be, repeat, etc.

On the other hand, I create a new folder only maybe once a day (depending on how much stuff I download, basically!).

So the assignment of the most used function (&#039;New finder window&#039;) to the easiest keystrokes (cmd-N), and the least used function (&#039;New folder&#039;) to the harder keystrokes (shift-cmd-N) makes perfect sense.

In addition, there&#039;s some logic to it from a new user&#039;s perspective. If they mess up and hit cmd-N, all they get is a new view window. Under OS 9, they wind up with a hard drive littered with &#039;Empty Folder&#039;, &#039;Empty Folder 1&#039;, &#039;Empty Folder 2&#039; etc. It&#039;s hard to accidentally hit shift-command-N.

Now that I&#039;ve been in OS X almost exclusively since October, it feels very natural to have them assigned as they are.

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I agree totally with griffman about the command-n versus command-option-n question. (also, thanks griffman for the quote hints -- hopefully they will get that fixed soon)

I used OS X for a few weeks, and despite a bit of a rough start because of all the changes, now it is 9 that seems wierd. Command-n makes a new folder? Why doesn&#039;t a dock appear when I run my mouse to the bottom of the screen? They say old habits die hard, but for me they went away pretty darn quickly.

Also, about the toolbar/command-b problem, there have been a few screenshots floating around (and discussed heavily on appleinsider and macnn) purporting to show a very new OS X build. Without going too far into it, there was an oval button in the upper right of each finder window that was supposedly to show/hide the toolbar. (Now all I need is windowshade to be a happy camper.)

Here are the pictures. The second has a finder window open.
(The possibility of their being fake has been pretty well discussed and by and large rejected on the other sites, but do take these with a grain of salt.)

Here is the thread on mannn:


Actually, a lot of the early OSX previews (ehehe, ripoffs--there were severel Kaleidoscope themes and some screenshots) show the three upper left corner close, minimize, and exand buttons, but also a fourth circulr button to the right. This could be the fabled toolbar button!

Also, thanks for the screenshots--don't care if they're fake or not, they're really a nice idea :). I'd love to have my dock in a practical place like the side of the screen (think about it, no more running into the dock while scrolling through 50 million bookmarked sites in the Favorites menu) and... Well, I want my OSX. :)

Damn... Come out already, lol

(No Cigarette Smoking Man, You're not my father!!)

in the early previews the button on the right was to toggle single window mode (where'd that go?) In the newer screenshots (assuming they're real) the general consensus is that its to toggle the toolbar or windowshade
Just got done watching the keynote and I can't wait to get OS X. Heres a list of the new features:

1. Menus on docked items. Navigate through subfolders in the dock or through open documents of programs.

2. The Apple menu is back and its actually useful.

3. Customizeable toolbars in the finder.

4. Dock and desktop preferrences moved into system preferences.

5. Drives on desktop by default.

6. The new buttons toggles the toolbar and functions as a toggle between double-click opens in same/new window.

Steve also hinted that the control strip would come back and that the final version of OS X will have built-0in support for PPPoE.

Are you guys as excited as I am? :)

Now what would be cool would be for Apple to update its website, I want to have a look at the new spec in more details than the keynote... While downloading iTunes, of course ;)

#2 and #5 suck royally |-)

Apple should steer users away from using the Desktop, it's unproductive.

As for the Control Strip, if that comes back there is no God. Worst idea ever. It's like a menu bar you can shade, why not just put those items in a menu instead? It would use up less space and would always be out of the way.