Motorola V220 Usb Modem Connection Issue



I seem unable to send or receive faxes and connect to dial up interenet using my cell phone.

the error in the console is not very informing:

Aug 16 11:13:22 Merlin-OSX-3 pppd[314]: pppd 2.4.2 (Apple version 229) started by root, uid 501
Aug 16 11:13:23 Merlin-OSX-3 ccl[316]: Version 2.1
Aug 16 11:13:28 Merlin-OSX-3 pppd[314]: Connect script failed

I have a connection to the phone
it works in iSync
It shows up in the Internet Connect as a device

I am not sure which modem to choose on the modem tab in network preferences. I think this may be where my issue is.

I am fairly technical with hardware but am not an OSX expert. Please do not leave out where specific changes are to occur as well as what the changes are to be done are.

thanks so much for your help,