Motorola V551 And Address Book Compatibility


Hi there all. My question is this: i recently bought a Moto. V 551 and all is working fine with iSync. But when I paired the phone and comp together the option for Address Book, under the iSync option is greyed out. i used to have a Nokia 6220, i think it was, which was bluetooth. It didn't work with iSync but worked fine with Address Book. Is there something I am not doing right to get my V551 to sync up with Address Book or is it just not compatible? Any help would be great as I am pulling out my hair looking for some. And oh eah, i am using a 12" iBook G$ with built in bluetooth and 10.4.2. Thanx all.
Hi michelc. I can honestly say i don't have any experience yet with using it as a modem but i know it works. When you pair it up with your comp's bluetooth it has iSync and the modem option selectable while unfortunaely the address one greyed out. You will obviously have to pay for a data plan through your cell provider it can be done. As far as address book goes, you can send and receive vcards via bluetooth but you can't dial phone numbers or send sms messages through your phone via the comp in address book. It is a feature that exists but from what I just found out from a level 2 AppleCare specialist, the software that Motorola phones use don't support that ability. Too bad because it is nice to be able to call, monitor calls and message right from the comp. Hopefully that will be a fix in the near future.