Motorolla users

I guess it depends on both your phone and wether your provider has crippled it. But I just choose "Browse Device..." from the bluetooth menu and go.
Phone is a V620 with no restrictions or anything.

hrm.. wonder why it does not work for me.
Sorry I can't be of more help. Mine (a RAZR) just worked so I haven't had to figure out how to troubleshoot this one. Hopefully someone else can answer...
Hrm.. I might try my girlfriends RAZR out then and see if it works. If it does not then I know it could be a issue on the cmoputer.
I should point out that you shouldn't need to install any third party add-on software to transfer the photos. You need to setup your Mac's bluetooth. Under System Preferences --> Bluetooth --> Sharing, make sure that Bluetooth File Exchange is on. Make sure the phone is paired and appears in the Devices tab. Then, you need to work out how to send the photo from your phone via bluetooth to the Mac. On my Sony-Erricson, this involves finding the photo, and selecting "Send --> Via Bluetooth" and then selecting my Mac.