Mount Points



I'm trying to change the mount point for an external USB hard drive.

Currently it mounts the drive on /Volumes/"volumename", where "volumename" is the name given to the partition.

I want to mount it to a constant mount point so that even if the drive is not connected, a particular application will still use it to store data.

e.g. mount point: /Volumes/data. When the external drive is connected data written to /Volumes/data will be stored on the external drive and when it's not, data will be stored on the internal drive. The application is configured to store its data on /Volumes/data. It's not important that the data written to the mount point will not be available while the drive is mounted (when unmounted it's available and not overwritten) as the data is not sequential. i.e. 2 music libraries - 1 for home and 1 when mobile.

I hope that makes sense!

Can you help?