mount SMB/CIFS shares from the termnial/on boot


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Annoyed at the lack of ability to browse for SMB servers/shares, I just started playing around. I did a "locate smb" from the terminal and was greeted with a program called "mount_smbfs"

From the manpage (man mount_smbfs):

"mount_smbfs - mounts a shared resource from an SMB file server

. . .

The following examples illustrate how to connect to a SMB server SAMBA as
user GUEST and mount shares PUBLIC and TMP:

mount_smbfs -I //guest@samba/public /smb/public
mount_smbfs -I -E koi8-r:cp866 //guest@samba/tmp /smb/tm

It is possible to use fstab(5) for smbfs mounts:

//guest@samba/public /smb/public smbfs rw,noauto 0 0"

Needless to say, while not very "Macish" in terms of a gui way to search for and mount shares, at least I can put my most commonly used entries in the fstab :)