mount_webdav not playing nice


This is sort of a blog of my struggle with mount_webdav. The purpose of making this work is to have a cron job that invokes rsync periodically and has it mirror a directory on my server to a remote WebDAV server (not a .Mac iDisk), to which I have write access.

Setup: I have a file called "Password" which contains user ID and password for the WebDAV server in the format specified in man mount_webdav. I used emacs to enter the null characters in the long integers specifying the string lengths of user ID and password. I then (credit goes to a post at Mac OS X Hints) issue the calls, as root,
mkdir /Volumes/ft1 
cat Password | mount_webdav -a0 /Volumes/ft1
Now, when I try to
ls -la /Volumes/ft1
to see what mounted I get an error
ls: /Volumes/ft1: Input/output error
cd /Volumes/ft1
results in
could not get current directory: getcwd: cannot access parent directories: Input/output error
What I then have to do is issue the commands
mount -f -t webdav /Volumes/ft1 
rmdir /Volumes/ft1
to unmount the volume, which apparently was never really mounted. Using GUI WebDAV clients like Goliath or Transmit there is no problem with mounting the server, which is running on a Linux box, by the way. Thus I know that it's not the server's fault.

Interestingly, the system.log contains these lines from the time during which I attemted the WebDAV mount:
Jun 9 22:26:41 xserve webdavd[473]: /Volumes/ft1 mounted 
Jun 9 22:26:41 xserve webdavd[473]: main: accept(): Socket operation on non-socket
Interestingly these entries were in 24-h GMT format, while all other system.log entries were Eastern time.

I am stuck. I really don't know how to proceed, but I would very much want to get this to work. Any suggestions are appreciated.
What's your OSX version? I just upgraded to Tiger and it broke my access to a nice LAMP/webdav setup I had working under Panther.