Mounting a shared volume into a specific dir (i.e. adding to ftp server)


I'm pretty sure this is possible to do but I don't have experience with this myself.

I have an ftp server running on my macosx box, and and I have a windows 2000 box sharing files for my network. What I want to do is add the windows 2000 shared directory to my ftp server thats running on the OS X box so ftp users can access files from that shared directory as well.

I can mount the Shared Directory fine in OS X, but is it possible to mount the shared directory it into my ftp directory so the files can be access via FTP on the OS/X box?

I'm not sure if it's a matter of being able to actually mount the shared directory to my FTP root or if its a matter of making some sort of alias (symlink?) to the share in my FTP root.

I've never treaded these waters before so any info would be helpful.