Mounting a Volume Across Lan


I have partitioned a few hard drives on the iMac G5's in my office, to create "ignore ownership" volumes available to all, and am attempting to create Sidebar access to the common volumes. While this has worked on other machines, for some reason it doesn't on one particular iMac.

Specifically, it doesn't seem to work on the one iMac whose hard drive I partitioned using the Disk Utility rather than iPartition. This is because iPartition failed on this machine, and I was forced to reinstall the OS and restore files from backup. On all the other machines, iPartition worked as it should, and when I connect to these machines I am able to select the new partition as a volume to mount when I log in with an admin's permissions.

On the problem system, though, even when I try to log in from another computer with the right admin access, I cannot see any partition other than the boot partition. I cannot find any settings to change in order to make the additional partitions appear remotely, although they do mount and function fine on the local machine.

Is there a way to control whether or not a volume is shared, like in OS 9's file sharing? We are running OS 10.3.9, although we have a copy of 10.4 available.