Mounting An External Hd - Osx 10.2.8


Hi guys,

I have an old Ibook G3 (blue & white clamshell), 300mhz, 3GB, 161MB RAM
I am running OSX 10.2.8 on it and although somehow slow, it works perfectly fine.
I have a GERICOM external Hd (Samsung SP1604N), 160GB, USB 2.0 that used to work fine with OS9.2. Since upgrading it won't mount. Called Gericom and they told me they don't know much without, so an IT expert @ work, used his PC in order to change the HD to FAT 32.
I can't see on the finder or in system prefs, but I can see it in Disk Utility, it'll show it on the submenu as:
untitled1, and "not mounted' if I choose "Mount", it won't do anything.
I'm desperate since I got all my wedding's photos and I need to recover them!!
Besides that, can you imagine when the missus finds out?




Hi, wanted to give some help on your situation. What you could've done was to mount the hard drive on system 9.2, downloaded the images and then burned them onto a c.d. or dvd. Does your laptop have a c.d. or dvd burner (external works just as well I have an external TDk and it works superb). Then you take that hard drive and reformat it for use on your system. Since you had an i.t. person reformat it using a p.c. there is a good chance the images might have been erased. Use your apple computer to always format external hard drives!!! Look for DISK UTILITY, it is located in the UTILITIES folder. Once it is reformatted it clears everything from the harddrive. There is a chance the photos are gone from the hardrive. U might have to try a disk recovery program. FAT32 is the format for p.c. On DISK UTILITY there is a format so that both p.c. and mac can run it. I tried it recently with a co-worker's hard drive and it now runs on both apple and p.c. Sometimes some of those older system harddrives won't work with the new operating system X. I had a multi card reader from Acom Data and when I upgraded to system X it went inoperable. Acom Data said it would not ever work with "X." You can also purchase an internal hardrive and an external case, look for one that has the Oxford 911 offset chip; That will allow you to use hard drives that are larger than 130 gigabytes. Hope that helps. Best of luck.



p.s. do yo know anyone who is using a Samsung i730 pocketpc phone. I have one and love it (well except for the fact it runs on a pc system ). Trying to find out how to run quicktimes movies files on its windows media player that came preinstalled.


Hi there!

Thanks 4 your reply. The Ext HD still has the photos, since I can see everything on it on a PC. I also used to be able to see it when I had 9.2
My problem is that I never installed OS9 when I upgraded to OSX, due to lack of memory on this machine. My IT friend passed all the photos onto his PC via Firewire; reformatted the Ext HD, for both PC & MAC use, as you mentioned.
Should I save all the data onto Dvds/CDs, reformat from Disk Utiliy in OSX and then re install all wedding photos back into Ext HD...?
I would do that.. If you think it will do the trick!

PS: about your phone, not sure but most of mobile come only with PC software (May be there is still not enough of us (Mac Users) in the market.

All the best,