Mounting DMG 5G64 Image


HELP! i was finally able to get 5G64 from a server on hotline. The file is 626 something Mb. This is the right amount of Mb that I saw on every server. I can only mount the DMG file within 10.0.4 with DiskCopy. To burn the CD I have to go back to 9.2.1 and burn the imges to a disk. When I double click on it it says this disk is not a bootable disk.

I try to create a bootable disk in 9.2.1 with diskcopy 6.5b11 with the DMG file, but it says that diskcopy does not support this file type! I burned the cd with Toast 4.1.1. Do I need Toast 5.0?

Please help! It is frustrating after all that hassle with the downlad!

Thank you for your help!
you may also change the file extention to .img and you will be able to mout it in os x as long as you change the extention in os x in the first place. i don't know if that matters but, just to be sure.
Converting Image for burning with Adaptec Toast

1.) Convert image with Disk Copy 6.5b11
Disk Copy 6.5b11 will allow you to convert an image file to a CD-R master. To burn discs using Adaptec Toast, please be
sure to have Toast extensions turned ON.
2.) From Image menu, select “Convert Image” (Command-K)
3.) Select the Mac OS X 10.1 5G64 Update.dmg file, or the Tools file
4.) Save the device image as a CD-R.
From the pull down menu at bottom of screen, select “CD-R master” format
Save file as Mac OS X 10.1 5G64 Update.cdr. Be sure to use a .cdr suffix to avoid writing over your original download
5.) When conversion is complete, you will have an Adaptec Toast image file that can be burned. Launch Toast and proceed
as usual. Be sure to allow disc to verify.

Hope it helps...
thank you for your reply! I needed toast 5.01 and I found it on a server! I installed 10,1 yesterday and I love it!!
I followed the above instructions, after getting a -57 error everytime i tried to save the image as a toast image, i finally got a toast ROM image, which i mounted, slected as a 'volume' in toast, but still no joy as to bootable. my original 5G64.dmg was 503mb's i've seen a few of these, most are 626mb but this one appears to have all the info. any other ideas or instructions would be great.
thanks, Brodie
it should not matter wat toast you are using, if you are in os 9, open toast, select -disk image- from the popup menu and drag the image over toast, now burn!
well, not really solved, but done. for some reason os9.2.1 startup disk doesnt recognise the disk until you boot from it, either by holding down C or command when starting up.
so, if anyone has the same problem, dont spend loads of time burning different images, like i did, ignore the 'doesn't have a system folder' warning, just burn and boot.
that's waht i always do, it's faster, i thought you all pressed the c key on startup...