Mounting DMG image


my OSX won't mount dmg disk image file, is there other utility to mount this file other the diskcopy? it doesn't even display any error, it just won't do it as if it's an unsuported file format..
thanks in advance..


I've noticed that sometimes DMG's need to be dragged and dropped on Disk Copy. .. Or opened from within Disk Copy.. if it won't open it's probably a bad file.


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... try at a terminal:

<tt>hdid path/to/the.dmg</tt>

I do it, not so much for the geekiness, but because Disk Copy takes so blasted long to start in 10.0.4 (as does everything else).


I have noticed something a lot like that when I try to open dmg files, Disk copy will not open it the first time, I have to force quite it, then reopen it, it always does that, and it always works on the second shot.

hope that helps