Mounting NFS 2 and 3 Shared Disks from SGI


I have been trying to mount a 4 Tera-byte raid attached to a 16 processor SGI Origin 2000 that exports to 30+ Octanes and Indigo^2's. I have added the OS X Server running v10.0.1 to the fstab on the SGI, and exported the raids. I can see the mounted disks on the Mac OS X Server only in a terminal window, after issueing a mount -a command. I can not seem to auto mount the disks at startup. I also need to be logged in as root, and only root can access the shared disks (although log in names are identicle on bothe the SGI and OS X server. Furthermore, I cannot seem to mount the disks to a share point located on the desktop. I also cannot seem to share the mounted disks on Mac OS 9.X machines which are accessed via Macintosh Manager on the same OSX Server. Has anyone tried to share NFS Mounted disks to Managed Macs, or is this a pipe dream?