Mounting nfs volumes at Startup



I'm trying to mount nfs volumes at startup so I added the folowing entries in the mounts direcotry in netinfo:
dir : /Users/mark/Desktop/Mac
name :
type : nfs

This mounts fine but I get strange behavior when viewing it as columns in the finder (the directory above it is greyed out and called "Private"

My Question: is there any way to get automounter to mount nfs at startup so that they would be mounted them in /Volumes/ and there Icons would be put on the desktop and in the "Computer" section of the finder.

(I tryed just mounting them in /Volumes/ but that didn't work)



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i have been trying to figure out how to mount_nfs via netinfo but have not been sucessful...

i follow what you did, but i cannot get the dir to did you invoke it?
my volume mounted on restart and by just logging out and loggging in, but with one caveat...

NetInfo did not seem to recognize my new entry in mounts until after a full Restart...

I too get the strange Private Volume under the 'Computer' view in the Finder, but all the files are accessible in the mounted volume if I access it from the dir inwhich it is mounted....


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