Mounting remote NFS drives/partitions



I have 10.1 running on two machines at home, a PB G3 and a G4 tower. I use the PB mostly, as it's wirelessly connected & I can roam the house with it. The G4 is for storage, and for things better done with a faster machine with a CRT.

Anyway, I'd like to be able to mount a directory from the G4 on my laptop in a way that the laptop won't freak out when I'm not on the home network.

I'd also like to mount a directory off of my Linux web server for maintaining the web files.

My questions:

Is NFS the protocol (?) I'm looking for? Is it reasonably secure? (more worried about someone hacking in to an open port than intercepting the transmission)

Do I need to have the same userid on all three machines (the userid on the OS X machines is the short name, correct?) to seamlessly mount the file systems?

Any other caveats, tips, links to FAQs?