mounting /Users on a different partition


does anybody know how to, or where i can find info on:

how can i mount my /Users directory on a different partition or drive?

in Linux I'd usually just create the partition and give it the right name before installing. but how do i do that in OSX now that it is up and running?

I'm a photographer so the files i use are very large and I'd like to mount that partition on a separate drive or a bigger partion.


I do this so that I can do a fresh install of the OS, because I've always had a distrust for software upgrades...

What I do is I keep a 4GB partition for the system, and use the rest for my data. On the data disk (I name it "data" because I'm clever), I create a Users folder and make a link to it in /:

mkdir /Volumes/data/Users
chown root:wheel /Volumes/data/Users
chmod 755 /Volumes/data/Users
rm -rf /Users
ln -s /Volumes/data/Users /

I've noticed problems with when your home dir traverses a symbolic link, however, so I also edit my home directory in NetInfo to use the /Volumes/data/Users path instead of the shorter /Users/wsanchez.

Getting disks to mount someplace other than /Volumes, which may be a preferable solution, is not easy to do reliably, to my knowledge.