Mouse Freeze in OS X, all works in OS 9


My OS X worked nice until yesterday, when the mouse suddenly started to freeze. It will start working again for a few minutes if plug it in and out. The keyboard still works, most of the time.

All works nicely in OS 9. I have an iMac DV SE, no extra USB devices plugged in.

Any ideas how to solve this? It is *really* annoying!


The same thing happens to me. I start up my PowerBook in Mac OSX, and after a few minutes the external mouse stops working. Disconnecting and reconnecting it makes it kick in again.

Fortunately, being a PowerBook, I also have the trackpad, and although the Mouse stops responding, the TrackPad doesn't!!!!

This would indicate to me that there could be a problem with USB?? Although.... my external (Apple) keyboard is USB, and that still works when the mouse has died!

The mouse I use is a two-button Microsoft mouse with IntelliEye... wonder if a correct driver would still work.

If anyone has any ideas then please forward them on.