Mouse speed?


Chic Not Geek
How do we make mouse go faster. At System Preference mouse control the speeds has been max out. It's still SLOW to me. I remeber there are many third party extension to make mouse go super fast! Is there a way to make it faster? How??
Currently, I think we're out of luck in terms of special OSX mouse drivers, although Kensington has a beta X version of their drivers available (I tried to install the Kensington drivers to see if they would work with my Logitech Marblemouse, but no go. Long shot anyway).
However, Alessandro Montalcini, author of the excellent USB Overdrive shareware for the classic Mac OSes, has stated on his website that he is hard at work on a version for X. In 9.1, USB Overdrive shines the factory drivers for my Logitech like nobody's business, so I have high hopes. See for more.
I am using on my Mac OS 9.1 and I love it.. You are right I check their website and he said "Please note that the Mac OS X version of the USB Overdrive is not ready yet, but rest assured that I'm working hard on it. Stay tuned.'

I am so restless for this! I hate MacOS X default mouse speed.. Why Apple design that way? sigh..