Moved "Home" have strange problems now.


I moved my Home to a different drive because I needed more room. That went fine, I booted into 9.1, copied Home to the new drive, booted into X, opened Net Info Manger and entered the new location of Home, logged out, logged in as root, deleted my old Home, logged out, logged in as me.

Two strange problems:

MS Word 2001

I can't "save" new documents or "save as" existing documents. Existing documents "save" just fine. This occurs in both Classic and 9.1, I have reinstalled Office 2001. I receive no error message, no error tone or sound, no progress bar. The document greys as if the dialog for a save is opening but the dialog never opens and the document returns to normal within a second or two.

Mail and System Preferences

Mail can not remember:
Window size
Window placement
Account passwords

System Preferences can not remember:
iTools password

All other features seem to work fine. I enter my password when prompted by Mail and click "remember" for each of my accounts, but after I quit it forgets them and prompts me again the next time I open Mail.

System Preferences is even stranger. I enter my password and then click on a different tab within "Internet" and it forgets, it also forgets if I check my mail or move to a different application with it still open. Quitting generates the same behavior.

I am running 10.0.3 on a Beige G3 400 with 224MB or RAM.

Any ideas?
My guess is that some programs have hard-coded the location of your home directory. The easiest fix I can think of (and wouldn't even have required you to change NetInfo) is to make a symbolic link from the old location of /Users/JohnDoe to the new location, whatever it may be.

Suppose you had a second hard drive or partition or whatever called "HD2" and your new home directory is in "HD2:JohnDoe". Open the Terminal app in the Utilities folder and enter this command:
% <b>sudo ln -s /Volumes/HD2/JohnDoe /Users/JohnDoe</b>
When it asks for your password, enter <em>your</em> password, assuming you have Admin rights.

Now you'll have what amounts to an Alias in the /Users directory that properly points to the new location of your Home. If you ever start up the computer without that drive attached, I'm not sure if anything would freak out about having a "dead" link.