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What is the best format for embeding a movie in a web page? I have 6 movies, all quicktime, mpeg4, 5.5Mb's. I want Mac and PC users to be able to play them. Is there a generic format that will serve the purpose or will PC users have to install Quicktime. I can convert the movies to any format as long as the quality is preserved.

Thanks all.
You have three choices:

QuickTime/mp4: Will annoy most Windows users.
Windows Media: Will annoy all non-Windows users.
Real Media: Will annoy everyone (with the possible exception of Real employees).

I say make it an mp4 and be done with it. mp4 is a standard, so there could very well be plugins for playing it in Windows browsers besides QT. WMP might even do it with the proper codecs installed (not sure).
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I'll second MP4 or another standard. Most XP users should be able to play MPEG-4 out of the box.