Moving Iweb Files To A Server


I have a problem moving iWeb files to a hosting server.
First, the background:
I created a site with iWeb and now need to Publish the site to another server from iWeb
The Server address is the IP of the hosting server.
The User name and password are valid on the hosting server.
The Protocol is FTP and works from the iWeb machine to the hosting server.
Second, the two results:
If I put anything in the Directory/Path box, when I select the Test Connection button it logs in successfully and then I get an error 'Testing failed. The directory/path couldn't be found. Verify your settings and try agin.'
If I leave the Directory/Path box empty it logs in and then says I can Publish the site.
The publishing seems to go normal but I can't find the files anywhere on the hosting server.
My question is how do I determine what exact directory/path the publishing process is trying to find?
I know the directory/path that I type into the Directory/Path box exists on the hosting server.
Any thoughts or recommendations are welcome.
I have always used publish to folder, then used an trusty FTP application (FireFTP with Firefox) to transfer the files to the server. Never a problem that way.
Thanks for the info. The only downside with this is I have to then go to the server and change the ownership on all files to allow the browser to serve them.