Moving my whole MacOS X volume


Geek / Hedonist

I want to copy over my entire MacOS X volume to a larger partition. There are a few problems I can foresee:

- Ownership Privileges and Flags
- Symbolic Links
- Hard Links

Is there a safe procedure to do this, without symbolic links getting turned into real directories and hard links being turned into multiple copies of the same file? Or would it be smarter to just do a fresh install on the other partition and then just copy over those parts that matter, bit by bit?

Any hints would be appreciated!
Do a fresh install on the other partition, and then copy what you care about. It will save drive space and time. And then you don't have to worry about all those nasty invisible files.
Yeah, I thought it would come down to that, but I guess it's not such a huge deal. I had upgraded to Apache 1.3.20 and PHP 4.0.6, installed XFree86 and a window manager, created virtualhosts under Apache and NetInfo.... Looks like I'll have to duplicate a lot of that effort. At least I'll be able to switch at will between the two installs to check things out until I'm satisfied. I think I'll let this be a long-term project - maybe a week.

Incidentally I'm moving from a 2GB partition to a 3GB partition, and I'm anticipating that even this will be too small once 10.1 comes along and requires 500MB free to apply the upgrade.... Ah, well. Great effort is the price of progress!