Mozilla dowloads in a modal window!


I've noticed that the saving file window that Mozilla show with download state progres is modal. Until the download has ended I can't use the browser.
I think this is ridiculous. There is a way to resolve this problem.
There are many reasons to not use Slowzilla right now, but I'll spare you all the bitter reading. That Mozilla group really needs to clean up this "browser" if they even hope to compete with Omni Web and iCab for the OS X web browser market. If you really want to use it, then for downloading I would recommend you just use wget. Copy the file location, open the terminal, and do "wget URL". This will download it into the current directory. It will also show you a very precise status indicator, and it will run happily in the background.
Great, works fine.

I know mozilla is bugged. However on my iMac it's faster than OmniWeb and show html better than IE.

I use Mozilla by default, but if too many bugs occurs in a session I quit him and launch OmniWeb.

I'll try iCab, Opera ... how many browsers!!!
File a bleeping bug instead of whining about it
here, where nobody cares, then.

Of ALL the browsers available for the Mac, Mozilla
has the most open development process. If there
is a problem with Mozilla, you can file a bug against
it, and actually watch (via Bugzilla) whether progress
is being made on it.

Mozilla on OSX is immature, but I keep going back
because I can actually see progress being made.
As an end user, you can actually have a little
bit of impact in the development process, which
is pretty cool, I think.
problem with wget is it doesn't deal with MIME types like iCab and Explorer do. I don't think OmniWeb deals with them either.

Another solution is using a Carbon download app like Interarchy or Monica.

As for Mozilla, so long it uses XUL I don't think it'll get any better with respect to HI. I would pay money for a decent browser, but one isn't available yet.
I highly recomend using Opera over any other web browser out there. Although I have not tried it on OSX yet, the beta for classic hasn't crashed on me yet (only had it for 2 weeks), which is far more than I can say about mozilla or IE. Also, its far simpler in interface than IE or Netscape 6 (4.7 was actually bearable) yet still has all the features offered by both browsers. I'm pretty sure the OSX version is out of beta now anyways.

If you want to grab it, here's the URL.
Problem with Opera is it's horrid user interface. The url field needs a complete rewrite and dragged links only contain URL clippings.
Hehe. Its true. Mind, I didn't say it was perfect, just that I liked it better than the others. Its a case of the best of numerous evils. Yet so far I have not seen you make a suggestion for a browser, only state what problems they seem to have. Which of the apps do you use for your daily browsing Stobe?
Mostly Explorer.

Despite it's obvious problems and lacking support for keychain it has the best interface.

I sometimes use the Classic version.
How about including version numbers when we talk about Mozilla. Mozilla 0.9.2 is a huge improvemnet over 0.9.1 (on both OSX and Linux). 0.9.1 was the first version I considered to be good enough for daily use.

Oddly enough - the only trouble I've had with 0.9.2 is right here in this forum! I'm writing this reply in IE as the form is still loading (after an hour or so) into Mozilla....
Here's a version number: I won't be using version 1.0

A bug-free version of 0.9.2, whoopee :rolleyes: