Mozilla slooow...


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Hey all,

Question on Mozilla. I usually never quit the app. However, when I close all the windows that Mozilla has open (from me surfing) and I open another window maybe an hour later, it can take anywhere from 15 seconds to a minute and a half, hard drive crankin' away.

FYI, I've got a FireWire PowerBook, 196MB of RAM, and a 5 gig HD w/ 2 gig available. Running 10.0.4.
Mozilla nightly, and .94 both have the same problem.

well... I dunno if it's been more than an hour... but it doesn't take much time to open new window. of course, you've said "15 secs to a min and a half" and I've tried only once, so I can't really say...

well, I'm running 10.1 on G4 desktop with more ram and swap dir on another HD... that probably makes a difference.

It's rather dumb, but you might want to switch to IE or omniweb temporarily and see if the same thing happens...

My guess (doens't mean much) is small memory and accessing HD that's taking awhile... and maybe upgrading to 10.1 will help...

btw... you might want to look at Multizilla for Mozilla, it's kinda neat