Mp3 and music videos with playlist?


Is there any software out there which can be used for both playing mp3s and music videos? I'm looking for a program on which I can play music videos in a order, where one music video starts when the previous stops. And what I really hope for, is a program like this that is carbonized. Anyone know what I'm looking for?
Well if i'm right Quicktime does support such a feature. The Quicktime Player however does not use it. Someone with knowledge on Quicktime could write such an app without much trouble, but i don't think anyone has written it so far.

Guess you are out of luck for now.
You could combine all of the movies into one movie by sequencing them with a program like iMovie or Adobe Premiere. You wouldn't get the playlist, but you could have all the movies play in order, one starting after another with whatever transition you want...?