MP3 Problems


I copied over most of my mp3s from my windows computer to my mac (by burning a cd), and now only some of my mp3s play, the others just refuse to load. I use the music player app, so I tried using quicktime, and it does the same thing. But it says that it isn't a supported file type... even though it is an mp3. How do I fix this problem?
I don't know if my problem was caused by the same thing as ours but on some of my CDs (MP3 CDs) if I add them directly into the player from the CD it goes fine for a while and then just crashes on me.

Have you tried copying them over to your Hard Drive and playing them like that ?

I copied all of them to my hard drive first. It's a bugger cos I go to add one of the mp3s to my play list and the circle will spin for a little... but it wont add it. But it does add some of the mp3s... yet it won't add the other ones. And there is nothing wrong with any of the mp3s.
Have you tried playing any of these MP3s off teh CD on any other computer (or other OS for that matter). Perhaps it is a bad CD (I have had my share of those LOL :p)

They seem to all work fine on my windows computer. I tried playing them on another mp3 programI downloaded... and they work on that. So it must have something to do with the apple music player and quick time.
You might have done nothing to quicktime :)

I remember that once upon a time (quicktime 3) quicktime was not able to play variable bitrate MP3s (but now it supposedly can ... I have not tried it out :p).
I am assuming that the quicktime version shipped with the public beta does not support variable bit MP3s (just like it does not support MPEG movies).
I think that some of your MP3s might be variable bitrate and thats why quicktime wont play the,. I cant remembers which of my MP3s are variable bit rate so I cant test my hypothesis :)