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Hi to all
I just got some .m2v files from a friend, and I wanted to play them on my mac.
I did not see any program off the bat to play these files, so I learned to
do video editing to convert them to .mov and then to .mpg
THis takes up a lot of my time though for only a short (3 minute) music video
THe whole process of converting, editing and so forth.

Is there an MPEG 2 player out there for the mac ?!

Do you think it's worth while getting the public beta of 5 ?
I have QT pro (4), I dont want to screw it up ;)

I don't know

QT 5 beta is very good. The only problem is I can't play .avi movies. I have tried Intel Indeo Video, but does nothing.

If you tell me where I can find short m2v files, I can try to play.
Thanks for the offer ;-)
The problems is that I dont know what "short" means for you.
All m2v files I have are at least 70Mb (since I get them from a T1 when I use it)....

If you want to just check out music videos go to

SVCD = m2v (MPEG2)

I can't find m2v files in the site you given me.
I have made a google m2v search and found a 1.8 Mb .m2v file. Downloaded it, the icon is a QT one with "MPEG" on it.

The movie does not work, but I am not sure it was well implemented (QT said "The movie has missing components" or smth like this).
ok ;)
Detailed instructions ;)

Go to
once the flah menu on the lft loads cluck on downloads
then click on music videos (a subset menu under download will apprear)
and then on the right frame a bunch of music vids (with previous will apper)

m2v movies are the SVCD movies. the ftp servers are nearly impossible to get into LOL
so if you can find an HTTP mirror of an SVCD file thats your m2v ;)

well good thing it says MPEG.... my quicktime said WAV :p (QT4)

well I cant wait till QT 5 ;-) thanks 4 ur time
I decided to take the leap and get QT5 PP3.
Suprisingly enought my /m2v files dont work. I think that part has to do with
the fact that when I open them in ResEdit to see file type & creator I see that they
were assigned the type of .WAV (which is wrong).

I was looking though the File Exchange control panel to see what file types QT has
and tried almost all of them but I gave up LOL.

I tried importing but no matter how much memory I alloted to QT it always told me out of memory. ( in one of my tries I alloted 100Mb to this app! )

Can anyone take a look inside a functioning m2v file (if you can) and tell me what the file type is ? most of the times when my app doesnt recognize the file due to a bad assignemtn during download I just change they file type. ( I do this all the time with my Newton packages :p)