mpegs and avis in OS X?


Hey I was just wondering why Quicktime doesn't seem to show mpegs or avis in OS X. They worked in OS 9, but now they just show blank screens.
I'm guessing apple didn't include the appropriate codecs, and if that's the case, does anyone know why?! It seems pretty stupid of apple to take away that kind of usability from its users. I even have QT Pro, and to not be able to watch something as basic and standard as an mpeg is quite frustrating. Anyone found a way around this problem? (or am I the only one with it ;-) )

No, you're not the only one. I think a lot of people hoped the public beta would ship with QT 5.0 (and with it an MPEG codec), but that's obviously not the case.

Until 5.0 comes out, we're all stuck with Classic QT.