mpgtx on OSX


With the assistance of the author ( Laurent Alacoque ) I managed to build the mpgtx application for OSX.
mpgtx is a CLI program for manipulating mpeg files. (join split etc.)

The things that had to be done to make it compile are:
1) ln -s /usr/bin/cc /usr/bin/g++ (or change g++ to cc in the Makefile)
2) Remove the inline's from mpeg.cxx
3) Modify "SHARED_LFLAGS= -s" to "SHARED_LFLAGS=" in the Makefile
4) replace "cp -df..." with "cp -Lf..." two places in the Makefile.

Then "make shared" and "make install"

It took 12 seconds to build (32 minutes to build on my MacIIci running NetBSD :)

(I hope I remembered all)