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Hey all,

Does anyone know if there's a new beta for Office 10 for OS 10.1?
The Beta 5 version locks up often under 10.1.

Anyone have any tips?

- pbmac
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I have the beta of Office X, and I downloaded the test drive of Work X. I am running 10.1 on a dual 500 Mghz G4 with 256 Meg ram and 40 Gig HD. None of the apps will even finish opening except for entourage, and it usually crashes. Most of them crash before they get past the splash screen. Anyone else having the same problem?

I have the beta also and it runs perfect. I have a stock TiBook 400 with 10.1 g64. I've actually used word and excel over a period of about 3 hours composing documents. Not a single crash or anything. I've used it for about a week now.

Probably Office X 1117b will perform better? I've seen it around carracho, but I haven't been able to download it yet. Anyone who has experience with this beta?
My version of Excel started to refuse to open yesterday, saying it was expired. Did you experienced the same ? I think it was version 10 beta 5.
Finally - I'm back to using Office 2001 - It seems today was the expiration date for the Beta 5 of Microsoft Office OS X :-(((((

Are there any other betas available?

...which quickly made me realise... I'd better backup those Entourage X e-mails before that expires!!!! (I know that the e-mails are seperately stored to the application, but you gotta be paranoid with these things!):rolleyes:
If your version has expired, set your date back a month, that should be a quick and dirty workaround for it.

As for the applications, most features are working fine for me. Although, Entourage/Word/Excel have a tendancy to lock up when scrolling through documents/messages using the scroll bar. Using the arrow keys or scroll wheel on your mouse doesn't bring up this lock-up (so far).

Unfortunately, I don't have the international version so I haven't tried making Japanese documents (vertical lines, from right side to the left).

I've used the 10b5 and 1117 builds. Under 10.0.4, the 10b5 worked flawlessly. Under 10.1, I got the above issue with both builds.
Office beta 1117 expired today. I think all the betas were set to today, probably because Oct. 1 is the date that Microsoft is handing off Office to production to get it ready for release in a couple of weeks...

Unfortuntely the MS Word X Test Drive can't print, so I'm back to using AppleWorks. It's not that bad with the latest update. All of the speed issues are gone now with 6.2.1 and OS X 10.1...

Still, I'm anxiously awaiting Office v. X. Every Windows user who I shown the beta to has been green with envy...
Like you already mentioned, Office stopped working. I can't import the email-messages into Entourage 2001. Did anyone succeed in doing this? Please let me know how
Thanks a whole lot,

Originally posted by martijnvandijk
Probably Office X 1117b will perform better? I've seen it around carracho, but I haven't been able to download it yet. Anyone who has experience with this beta?

I believe this beta is now Expired (as of Oct 1, 2001) and will not run. Someone let me know if they have been able to get 1117b to run AFTER this date.
Yep - As far a we seem to know....
we're stuck with Office 2001.

Since I started the thread, I might as well give the Office X Beta Death Speech.

October 1st, 2001 started like any other day in the lives of fruit investors world wide - We got up, woke our trusted Mac *Fill in here* and headed out to shower, groom and comb yesterday's late night pizza crumbs out of our hair. The sun spreading its rays across the orchards our first call to duty should have been towards conversing with the wide wonderful world (WWW).... blablabla, it's almost midnight, and I do want to get to sleep soon, so here's a brief summary:

Office X beta 5 and beta 1117 (1117b) with the exception of Entourage expired on October 1st, 2001. Word, Powerpoint and Excel betas will no longer work. A crack to solve this problem has not been found as of yet.
Entourage can still be used under all versions of OS X (except the first pre-release versions). However, it will be prone to crashes under 10.1. Especially when using the scroll bars. Use arrow keys instead.

If you know of any other working beta versions, please post information so that we may further educate ourselves.


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If you guys are choosing to pirate software, that is totally your decision and I'm not the morality police or anything, but I don't think these boards should be used to help others find illegal versions of this software... :cool:
For all you know, these guys could be developers talking about why their beta/trial software no longer runs...

Given the trial for word being available and what appears to be a mass expiration of all their betas : Id say they are looking after their software and any other use they deem acceptable as they get more people interested in their new product on this new platform

Beta's arent paid for and while they want to (generally) know who has it and who is running it, if people download it from *somewhere* - and provide feedback, then the goal is met, no?