Msn Messenger 5 For Mac

I solved this problem on my machine by disabling all proxies and any automatic proxy detection. Fortunatly my ISP doesn't require me to use their proxy.

OS X 10.3.9
Dual 1Ghz PowerPC G4
i like msn mess 5, and have had no problems w/it. i did have problems w/4, it was allways signing me out after 1 min.
I have this exact same issue and it was NOT resolved by using Adium, the only difference is that Adium automatically signs me back in without me noticing, so i am often unaware of the issue.
However, I have found most of my messages are not received by my contacts and vice versa, making communication nearly impossible.
File transfers are also hit and miss.

I believe this problem is something to do with my modem, but no one can seem to tell me how. The reason I say this is that the problem started the very day I installed broadband. MSN previously worked fine using my Mac's internal 56k modem, it also worked fine when I was on someone else's broadband connection, I have disbabled my firewall and after 2 different versions of MSN Messenger and Aduim, the problem is still unresolved. I can only see that it is my modem settings.

But which settings??
Do you have osx's firewall enabled? If so think about allowing msn on your network comms list found in: System preferences --> Sharing --> Firewall (tab)