MTRP Doesn't Recognize Files


I'm trying the new MTR, but after ripping a disk, the DVD doesn't appear to be recognized as a valid file for burning onto a blank DVD. What am I doing wrong? I'm using the new iMac running Mavericks. Thanks, Sparrowhawk
The latest version of Mac the Ripper is MTR 2.6.6. It is abandonware. There has been talk about another developer's taking over MTR, but I don't think that anything has ever come of it. Google searches for Mac the Ripper and Mac the Ripper Pro inevitably hit ripping utilities from other developers--some of which with very similar names.

The DVD ripper of choice is now Handbrake. It is free and opensource.
I've downloaded Handbrake, but it is not exactly user friendly. Just how do you rip a disc then burn the rip to another blank disk?
My version of MTR is 3.0 & dated 10/31/2011. No idea where I got it.
The latest release version of Mac the Ripper is MTR 2.6.6. Most public links to subsequent versions of MTR take you to Mac DVDRipper Pro, a completely different application. There is a ripper that is supposed to be a subsequent version of MTR known as MTR 4, currently at MTR 4.2.7. It is not publicly available. Access to MTR 4 is available on a case-by-case basis from the bulletin board. I gather that MTR 3 is an earlier version of MTR 4. What is clear is that neither MTR 3 nor MTR 4 was produced by MTR's original developer.