MUGradio (not associated with any other thread)


Hey found this cool media site for uploading garageband and other iLife stuff. So can imagine the stuff they have which is not all PodCasted either. icompositions

It has a radio link to MUGradio which plays your uploaded GB/iLife stuff from icompositions as well as commercial stuff inbetween. It has a little java window that displays what's playing and you can click on the artist name and goto more info/music of the artist.

What really surprised me to was, I went to iTunes to see if it was in the radio list, but ho', and beho', iTunes was linked up to MUGradio already!

Check it out and look for the song I Love My Mac

Oh wait Edit here I got the link from someones signature on this board, i just got so rapped up in this site I forgot :rolleyes: