Mulit Language MAC



I have recently purchased a Mini MAc with OS X Panther but im fairly new to using MAC's

I need to set up the mac with multi language support for testing purposes.

With the pc's i use, this is possible by installing several versions of operating systems in several langauge and using a boot manager to boot to the required language.

Do i need to install several versions of MAC OS X in different languages? or does one version have multiple language support.

Thanks in advance.


OS X is all ready set up for multiple languages. Just look in System Preferences/International and choose the language that you want to use. I believe that this is all that you need to do but I can't be 100% because the first thing I did when I installed Panther was delete all of the additional languages.


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If the languages, however, are not installed there, you should be able to manually launch the language pack installers from the installation DVD. They might be hidden away in some folder, but searching the DVD for, say, "french", should certainly find a folder or a .pkg-file for it.

If that really doesn't work, there are two ways to still get to the languages.

1.) Reinstall Panther from the installation medium and make sure to select the languages you want installed.

2.) Buy Tiger and upgrade - you can select the languages there, too.

Maybe you can even try to "upgrade" to the Panther version that came with your Mac (even though it's probably an older or the same version than you're running now) and add the languages. I'd reapply any updates after that, though. 10.3.9 Combo Updater and security updates can be downloaded from Apple's support website: