Multi Display Utilities


Hi All,

Got my first mac 3 weeks ago (17" Powerbook G4), so I'm still floundering a bit.

I'm trying to use my powerbook with an external display as a seamless desktop, and while I have it all working ok (windows was never this easy!), there is still a small issue that I'm looking for a solution for.

What I would like is to have some way to assign a "display affinity" to specific apps and even individual windows for apps. What I mean by this is that when my laptop is hooked up to an external display, certain apps would automatically get positioned there, and when I disconnect, they would get positioned back on the laptop display. This way, when I take my laptop home at night, and hook it back up in the morning, I don't have to spend time repositioning windows to each display, but at the same time, I can still use the laptop in standalone mode without having windows hidden somewhere offscreen.

Is this possible? I've dug around in the system prefs a bit but couldn't find anything, and even tried "Desktop Manager" to see if it had a feature that would enable this, but no go.

Thanks for any help,