Multi Monitor w/Voodoo3


Here's my deal...

I have a Rev B Beige G3/266 w/160MB RAM. I got OS X installed and running correctly with the onboard ATI card. So now i want to put my Voodoo3 2000 back in and run multiple monitors. All is well in 9, however, when i attempt to boot into X, the beach ball will come up with the happy mac, spin, and then the system freezes. Does anyone how any thoughts on my problem. I know some of you have had success with this kind of thing. Any reply is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

i got my voodoo 3 3000 to work in my computer but i dont think that two moniters are supported therefore it freezes. with the voodoo connected as your main moniter and nothing else connected it should work but the startup time is a bit slower so if the screen doesnt show up within the first 40 sec. s dont worry . it should within 2 min then everything runs fine off the voodoo with no ecceleration. ps do you have an original apple hd? cuz i dont and i cant select a destination to insall X.

my sys:
owc 466 g3
20 gig wd hd
voodoo 3 3000
ati rage 3d
256 mb sdram
... etc......
i don't know how much i can help ... but my setup works fine. i have a B&W (rev 1) with the original ATI and a Voodoo3 2000.

first of all, i have the latest firmware for the V3 (b12, i think) and i installed with BOTH cards (& monitors) plugged in.

if that doesn't work ... maybe try playing around with the order they are plugged in ... however i have mine ... it thinks the Voodoo is numero UNO ... because by default it loaded the menu bar and login screen on that monitor ... but now it remembers my pref for the accelerated card (ATI) to be my default.


p.s. it might also make a difference that i had DP4 installed before ... and even though the installer said it formatted the drive ... some of my preferences still appeared to be set after installing PB ... hope this gives you some ideas ...
i happen to use beta 11 drivers cuz when i went to beta 12 it slowed my whole machine down. with the exception of using the rave driver.