Multi User????


I have a PowerBook (Feb 2000) running Mac OS X Public Beta. It is shared with me by my family. I am the main user, but my parents etc want there own "Personal Space". Is this possible? If it is possible, how???????????? As I am 15, i too want my personal space, and i dont want anyone invading it. Please Help..........
Yes, you can have your own home directories which hold your own desktop, documents, and preferences.

Assuming you didn't set the "log in as a particular user automatically" preference, when your machine starts up, it presents a login panel. Log in as root and run the Multiple Users application in /Applications/Utilities

You don't have to login as root. An administrator is enough.
However, they will still be able to see all your files if they want to. To disable that:

Click the Users button in the finder window.
Select your directory.
Open the inspector (Command-I)
Select sharing tab.
Choose none on group and other.
Isn't unix great? :D
How do I setup groups? (short of using the CLI)

There seems to be built in groups; staff, wheel. any more?

But I cant find who to administer these.

Nor can I work out how to add groups to the sharing panel.

Is there an equiv. of the User & Groups control panel?