multipart mail


When I send a multi-part e-mail mail simply displays an attachment and claims it can't open it. Every other reader (outlook, entourage, webmail, hotmail, and pine) I've tried can view the messages properly. Has anyone else run into this problem?
yep. i get it too,

------ End of Forwarded Message

Oops, I couldn't decode type "multipart/appledouble"

sarcastic piece of shit. its a pain in the ass, i just sent a file to a possible client who cant read it and blames me, what can i say, 'no, its the new OS X, its shit, try something else' not likely.
i'd like to see this fixed, i'de also like to know how to specify the encoding in mail, because PeeCees cant read the attachments either it seems.
it really is a piece of shit anyway, but until entourage is released i have to use it.
kin the Seybold speech the guy wows over its ability to read embedded colorsync profiles, who cares, who the fuck is going to want to see the correct colors in an email app? if its that important you view it in a Pro graphics app.
whine..whine...i hate the thing though.:mad:
Recently I've been using mozilla mail and views multipart messages fine. It just sucks that os X's default mailer can view them properly.