Multiple copies of client machine in "Connect to Server"



I have this bizarre problem. I connect my iMac and PowerBook to a home network which uses SurfDoubler running on a beige G3 with system 8.6. Both the iMac and the PB have 10.0.4. When I do

Finder->Go->Connect to Server

on the iMac or PB I see *multiple copies* of both the other OS X machine and the very machine I am using. These copies appear in the "Local Network" pane, and they have different IP addresses associated to them. Now

* only one of the entries is correct (others can't
be accessed), the one whose IP address is
reported in the Network Preference Pane

* I can connect to the same machine I am using

I am confused because I thought AppleShare should be independent from IP addresses, in other words, I should be able to connect to an AppleShare server ignoring its address.

How do I remove all the wrong entries in the "Local Network" pane, 17 at last count?

Should I trash SurfDoubler? Works fine for internet connections on the OS X machines.
My family shares an Airport base station that is connected to a Blue PowerMac through Ethernet, and a PBG4 and old iBook wirelessly. All machines running Mac OS X have duplicate entries in the Connect To... thing.... please, SOMEbody help us!
After reinstalling 10.0 for other reasons, I see only one instance of the *client* machine in the "connect to" menu. The original post, with multiple machines, referred to OS X 10.0.4.

Could some of you readers please check:

* Finder->Go->Connect to Server

* in the Local Network pane, do you see the machine you are using now?

* how many times?

* which OS X version do you use?

Many thanks