Multiple Docks?


I was wondering if any of you might know if it's possible to have multiple Docks or if there is a way to create "tabs" for the Dock.

In OS 9x I use Drag Strip with all my most common tasks set up within four tabs: Applications, Internet (browsers, email, editors, etc), Games, Servers (shortcuts to the various servers on our network).

I want to recreate this experience in the Dock, with the tabs below the Dock.

I'm sure that this has been discussed a myriad of times but didn't know if there was any resolution... one possible solution might be (as mentioned above) to have multiple instances of the Dock, each with its own set of aliases. Not sure what to do about the standard "minimized" documents or the trash -- but it's potentially better than current Dock.

Anyhoo -- take a look at my URL above and let me know...
If you look at the "new" movies at the MacOSX theater at you'll notice that applications now have a menu that pops up when you keep your finger down on an active application icon in the dock. Apparently this is because a lot of users have complained about the lack of a drag strip in X.
I hate tabs you have to click in order to use, what a waste of time.

Drop Drawers has tabs but you only have to hover over them to access them. I prefer Drop Drawers over all the other Drop Drawer wannabes.

You can get it from
and *I* hate tabs that zoom open whenever I happen to drift my mouse pointer over them.

diff'rent strokes :)
I love the MAcOS 9 style of tabs... I use em all the time!

You can please everyone (I dont like automatic popups). so here is what we do... make a preferance panel out of it! to automatically pop up or not to automatically popup ... that is the checkbox!

'Interesting how many people confuse a personal preference with some elusive mythical fact about what's good and bad in software design.
for the additional menu that comes out of the applications in the dock, click and hold is the same as control clicking. I like it. I hope this holds true for other things as well. Yet another second mouse button is OK but you really don't need it kind of thing.
The one click is great for simplicity, but I'm Oh, so happy that there's a popup equivalent and that I can get a mouse (such as the excellent iOpti Jr) that has a right-mouse button and scroll wheel.

One size does not fit all, and thank goodness Apple (and others) have given us choices.


dammit, IE 5.1 has problems, I just finished writing something and cut it, and the stupid app didn't actually copy it.

Well I had a long love-fest laid out on why I love the mac but I really don't feel like typing it again so I'll just summarize.

Apple's HI guidelines (and implicit mac conventions) really make the mac. One of these guidelines is that all functions ought to have equivalents in the menu hierarchy. Also the second mouse button should be optional. Same with function keys and the numeric keypad.

Compare this to windows apps like S-PLUS where you need to use right-click gestures frequently and there is no way around it. In fact you have to use right-click and keyboard modifers at the same time. And there are no menu equivalents. PURE HELL.

GIMP takes the cake in requiring three mouse buttons just to access the damned menu. I have four mouse buttons, but I prefer to choose how they are used. click, double-click, click-hold, right-click, or perhaps click-scroll or click-menu.

The opportunities are greater when applications do not use function keys as well. I love setting function keys in QuicKeys. Could I do this in windows? hell no, every windows app uses these keys and I'm sure the author thought he was really clever in doing so.

So much love for my mac...
The thing that always annoyed me about dock folder menus is that there's no feedback as to when you're leaving 'windowland' and entering 'menuland' - i.e. when mouse up will show a menu rather than open a folder's window. But I just noticed that the folder's name disappears right before the menu pops up, so that's something.

Also, allow me to recommend the Logitech Wheel Mouse - best mouse I've ever used.. right up there with my old ADB Kensington Mouse-In-A-Box.
I prefer the Turbo Mouse (the one with the large ball).

I just wish their scrolling software didn't suck.